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Ars Est Verum

In May I saw an incredible show about Nancy Spero at PS1 and the thing that stood out to me was the sign she had in her studio: ARS SINE SCIENTIA NIHIL ESTart without knowledge is nothing Art without knowledge is nothing. It’s a bold statement that is attributed to the long dead architect Jean […]

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An adventure with a super useless one-liner to find the most common words in WordPress commit messages

I read some insight into Drupal committing and they had a chart of the most common words in drupal commit messages. I thought it would be interesting to do something like that with WordPress Core, so I through together a bash one-liner to find this. It’s not the most eloquent solution, but it answers the […]

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Thirty Six

36 is the smallest square triangular number other than one. Its also the sum of the letters and the numerals, so its a pretty fun number. Let’s hope it’s a pretty fun year. 35 was a hard year, mostly because it’s the year my mom died. Frankly, the time leading up to and the time […]

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Mobile Block editor – Initial Thoughts

I’m writing this using a beta version of the WordPress iOS mobile app that integrates Gutenberg. It is fairly stripped down as far as blpacks go. While this site has blocks from multiple plugins (including Gutenberg so I can try the latest features), the app has much fewer options. Blocks available from the mobile app […]

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To Viper

My first interactions with Alex were in the #wordpress IRC channel, likely him helping me with some code. Over the coarse of a couple of months, we joked around and chatted code. At some point the mention of his username prompted the question of if he had a Viper, but I found out he didn’t […]