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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-02

  • The Instant Site Review tool at is free right now but won't be soon (via @shendison ) #
  • @shendison Glad to hear everything is all right with your son. I hope things stay that way. in reply to shendison #
  • @cruzms I'll try it at conference. Does it have the @sarahnaeger public health seal of approval? in reply to cruzms #
  • Why do bugs insist on not fixing themselves. It's so rude of them. #
  • .@DudeMountain premiered another award winning short last night and I'm in it. It's Hilarious! #
  • @oregondean Can you blame the doctor? Who would really want to perform that exam on those guys? in reply to oregondean #
  • Tonight: #amun09, #cocktailcamp and yelling at Mysql #
  • Oh does that commit feel good. #
  • Damn. Last minute Birthday Party for a friend might keep me from getting all I want done tonight. Hopefully I have a productive bus ride. #
  • Meeting Notes from 1st #cocktailcamp planning meeting are up at #
  • #HaikuFriday: Very Close to beta / Crossing Fingers: I'm not sick / Can whisky fix both? #
  • @cruzmsthe command line works well for me. I imagine that you would want a gui though, and thus I'm going to be of no use to you. #
  • Finally have irssi set up on a remote server so I should stay logged in at all times. Now it's time for more Halloween Fun w/ @dudemountain #
  • The problem with halloween in portland: you don't know who is in costume and who dresses that way everyday. #
  • Congrats to the @nprTechTeam who successfully switched to MySQL tonight. #FOSS WIN! #
  • RT @markos: Step 1: kick out gays, blacks, Latinos, youth, urbanites, single women, non-religious & (now) moderate GOPers. Step 2: majority! #

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