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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-23

  • @oregondean you are correct sir. My airport code knowledge does not compare to yours. #
  • @lyzadanger Is it PDX to O'hare or Midway? Any new route is good though since @SouthwestAir cut down to one a day. in reply to lyzadanger #
  • @allisonroy Failure rates for all loptop manufacturers hover around 20%. What are your needs? #
  • @lyzadanger Great. Thanks. Enjoy your time with #!/bin/bash . She's an old friend who I to often neglect. in reply to lyzadanger #
  • @ctumaven Can that be any more filled with win? in reply to ctumaven #
  • RT @RayLaHood: 11.8% of all traffic fatalities are pedestrians. We need safer roads. Yes, it IS that simple. #
  • Glenkinche 12, not as good as the de. Not a great blossom. #
  • Cragmore – vanilla, easy nose, good blossom into plum overtones. #
  • Playing chauffeur for my father and grandfather is cutting into my coding and #amun09 prep time. Packing the truck in a short while. #
  • Replying to a couple of emails and then putting up my Auto-reply message. It's almost time for the actual #amun09 #
  • Why yes, I do need to be awake in 2 hours. At least I had a productive night. @ctumaven & @dtwright I have something ugly to show you. #
  • @KatrinaD LIES, that is tomorrow. First we need to setup the rooms. in reply to KatrinaD #
  • Heading down to #amun09 and Wondering what kind of excitement this year's conference will bring. #
  • @KatrinaD no. If it was at conference training today, I would have a training agenda finished. This is the last day of pre-conference in reply to KatrinaD #
  • This is different, i'm about to get on the purple mobile office to redo my #amun09 training agenda. #
  • Stealing time from a faulty plan… An appropriate song for what i'm doing. #
  • Having a glass of rye. It's that kind of move in. #amun09 #
  • Can I declare Agenda bankruptcy, since we are no where near current. #amun09 #
  • @KatrinaD Glad to hear you're doing well. Feel better. You're missed here at #amun09 in reply to KatrinaD #
  • Still waiting for the first research request from a rep. Home Government is ready and waiting of the fourth floor in room 4E #amun09 #
  • @samantilles be nice to me #
  • @gretchenmarie5 DS is filled with Rock Stars this year. Keep up the good work! in reply to gretchenmarie5 #
  • @ctumaven I think @nindelicato answered one of them. I'll see what I can do on the others. in reply to ctumaven #
  • @spohara And what committee is that one for? in reply to spohara #
  • @spohara Um, no. Opening plen isn't for ~45 minutes. You're going to make @sarahnaeger think she's late. #amun09 in reply to spohara #
  • Let the games begin. #amun09 #
  • The First request is in to HG. It's all happening. #amun09 #
  • @KatrinaD Did you expect @samantilles to be nice to me? For that matter, I'm surprised that @scullycc1013 is as nice to me as she is in reply to KatrinaD #
  • The first Role Player request has arrived. I'm calling this an #amun09 win. #
  • @KatrinaD I don't know if 'miss' is the word I would use, but it would be better if you were here with us in reply to KatrinaD #
  • @TeresaLynnKern No, it wouldn't be much better in reply to TeresaLynnKern #
  • An amazing Friday at #amun09 . 3 Roleplay requests for HG set's a Record according to the Hoppe book of AMUN Records. #
  • Tis the morning of the busy at #amun09 . The requests are flowing into HG #
  • This is the Year of the Roleplay in HG. It's also the year of me running around and wishing I had more comfortable shoes #amun09 #
  • RT @dtwright: #christinabates thinks twitter is ridiculous #amun09 #
  • It's the start of Day three, and HG is two request away from 100. #amun09 #

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