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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-30

  • @cobock I <3 the law of the sea #amun09 in reply to cobock #
  • @cobock You are always welcome in your vacation home inside the compound. in reply to cobock #
  • Amun has provided me with bacon! Win! #amun09 #
  • A dangerous world situation has developed that has required the attention of the security council. #amun09 #
  • Bacon a second time today, this time on pizza. Win of the Century. #amun09 #
  • #fail at resting my arms and legs. #
  • #haikufriday had a great AMUN / didn't write any haikus / a first? I bet so! #
  • #haikufriday more sarah time soon / with sisters and parents too / in peoria #
  • @ctumaven Yes, but I forgot to tweet about them. Prett good. I need to find a french food importer so I can get them again. in reply to ctumaven #

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