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Tweets from the week before 2010-01-04

  • @kellymariez77 mmm. I'm a bit jealous in reply to kellymariez77 #
  • Diagnosing a DNS issue #
  • I have an Amun friend in town, i think this means i'll take a productivity break for the afternoon. #
  • Horsebrass in a little bit. Not many better places to show an out of towner the greatness that is oregon beer. #
  • Some days code just seems to write itself. Today is one of those days and I'm loving it. #
  • @kchrist This barely qualifies as snow. If it sticks, you should be fine with caution and good tread on your current tires. in reply to kchrist #
  • @dtwright YES! In fact I think you should only submit in source since it's a fact that @sarahnaeger loves LaTeX in reply to dtwright #
  • @kchrist Best of luck in your upcoming hibernation. I hope your supplies last. in reply to kchrist #
  • @dtwright Not at all. Her love of LaTeX is do to the fact that it is easier to control the spread of disease (viruses) using LaTex then pdf in reply to dtwright #
  • I spent five years in a city that averaged 150 to 300 inches of snow and never saw a car with chains on the tires. 1/4 an inch in pdx? yep #
  • @Viper007Bond LA Drivers freak out when there's a cloud in the sky. in reply to Viper007Bond #
  • @_mfields Yes and I find it hilarious . I don't understand the inability to drive in snow. Take your time and plan your moves. in reply to _mfields #
  • .@trimet line 35 was stuck coming up greely = me walking 1.5 miles. It's beautiful out there. #
  • Tonight seems like perfect time to make white bean, kale and tomato soup #
  • My response to: An Exercise in WordPress Integration, or Why WordPress Sucks #
  • I hope everyone has a great <?php echo date( "Y" ); ?> #
  • Not happy with the start to this game. Go Ducks! #
  • It was so good yesterday, I'm going to eat some more soup and have a #bacon grilled cheese sandwich #100meat #
  • My twenty-ten goal / one hundred servings of meat / will I miss bacon? #haikufriday #
  • Goodbye Fareless Square and Hello Free Rail Zone on @trimet. My thoughts: #
  • Great story about a great guy and sled hockey:,0,6166481,full.story #
  • @betsywhim I am sorry about your loss. I wish you lots of strength over these coming days. #
  • Sad to hear that Dennis Brutus, who fought Apartheid in South Africa and former Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Bill Gleason both passed away. #

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