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Tweets from the week before 2010-01-11

  • @pdxcommute Thanks for the mention today. in reply to pdxcommute #
  • Today has been filled with a few moments of win, including a mention of my site on Oregon Live. For a Monday I'll take it. #
  • mmm vegetarian chili #
  • I <3 the #wordpress shortcodes api #
  • @np7776 Alomar deserves to be in. I'm shocked that Raines isn't getting the respect he deserves. in reply to np7776 #
  • Bagel time. Need to fuel some more work. #
  • @np7776 Besides Henderson, no "Leadoff Hitter" comes close to his stats. I'd love to have a .810ops/10+hr/50+ sb guy at the top of the order in reply to np7776 #
  • Just sent my Alma Mater an e-mail asking them to switch the sports rss feed to full text. #crossingfingers #
  • If you had a dream shortcode for #wordpress what would it be? #
  • @lyzadanger Those are great! Thanks! in reply to lyzadanger #
  • @Jason a regex of twitter handles that looks like "%@aaronjorbin%" ? Or just throw everyone in an array and randomize it. in reply to Jason #
  • Not going to be able to finish everything I had hoped to tonight. I'm just too tired and my productivity is low. sleep? yes, please. #
  • Let the Games Begin! Setting the scope of WordPress 3.0 in the dev chat. #wordpress-dev on freenode if you want to join in #
  • @wpmuguru I just created . Any chance you could upload your script for switch to multisite? #
  • If your going to make me sit on hold for 30min+ at least give the option of turning OFF your annoying music & recorded messages #
  • @ctumaven mmm, marinated dinosaur. in reply to ctumaven #
  • I have put it off / But this is the weekend for / my #AMUN Debrief #haikufriday #
  • @kchrist There is nothing more important then knowing your plugins code. That's the biggest source of security holes imho #wpsec in reply to kchrist #
  • My Ballet came in the Mail. I love vote by mail. #
  • Pineapple fried rice with #pork #100meat #
  • Putting the finishing touches on my #amun09 debrief. Let me know if you want to proofread or comment on it before I submit it Monday night. #

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