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Phone Based Customer Service

At some point, all of us have sat on hold with Customer Service and hated it. In fact, I’ve been on hold for 68 minutes right now. This has given me plenty of time to think of ways companies could improve the phone holding experience.

  1. Offer a no music option when I’m waiting. I’d rather not listen to your annoying music and repeated announcements that my call is important
  2. As every English teacher I ever had was fond of saying: “Show, don’t tell”. Don’t tell me my call is important to you, show me by providing good service when you I finally get a human. Please don’t repeat the same canned announcements over and over.
  3. If you really want me to love your company and yell from the rooftops how amazing you are, offer a hang up and we’ll call you back option.

Those three things would make a world of difference in how I perceive a company. What other ways could phone based customer service be improved? Oh, and I finally got a human at the seventy-four minute mark.

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The problem with dropping the hold music in favor of no noise of any kind is that people might think they got disconnected. At least if there’s some sound on the line you know you’re still in their phone system. It’s like the loading bar on computers that lets you know the machine hasn’t frozen. What kind of feedback could they provide that wouldn’t be so annoying?

I do agree with you that hang up and we’ll call you back would solve all of these problems.

I don’t think it’s what every user would want. I would like a no music option if the call me back feature couldn’t be implemented. I’d also like wait times listed on a companies web site (and long term trends so I could even plan when I call based on historical trends). I might be dreaming, but I really think there is an opportunity for companies to improve the customer experience.

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