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Tweets from the week before 2010-02-15

  • This year's super bowl commercials were mostly lame, repetitive, and lacking originality. #SerialCommaMonday #
  • Only 9 more hours to submit your #CocktailCamp presentation ideas. Some great ideas in already, but we want YOURS! #
  • @chrishalebarnes What did a new line ever do to you to deserve your scorn? in reply to chrishalebarnes #
  • .@SouthwestAir Why don't you offer to call me back, rather then make me sit on hold listening to your annoying music on a loop? #
  • After sitting on hold for 74 min, here are the ideas I came up with to improve phone based customer service: #
  • Eating some fried chicken and hoping the blazers can get themselves back in this game. #100meat #
  • My Friend @andreaarbuckle has some great Debt Zombie Advertisements entered in a contest. Take a look and vote at #
  • New on : Three Simple Sample #WordPress Shortcodes #
  • Damn, moving too slow to get coffee on a day when I could really use it. So Tired I can't even think of a Haiku yet. #
  • Through security with plenty me time to spare. #
  • @fromtherooftops Hurt Locker is one of the best films I saw in the last decade. Feel Better and enjoy. in reply to fromtherooftops #
  • #haikufriday travel edition: Off to see the lady / My wonderful lady out east / Is DC warm yet? #
  • PDX > MCI > BWI #
  • Bus to light rail to plane to plane to bus to train to taxi. All I'm missing on this journey is an air tram, a streetcar, and a boat. #
  • Ray's hell burger. Let's see how good this place is. #100meat #

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