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Tweets from the week before 2010-05-03

  • @nacin Congratulations. I was shocked to see your name listed. in reply to nacin #
  • @curlieluck I saw. Game 6 here we come! Hopefully we can get a win tonight and then close it out at home! in reply to curlieluck #
  • Planning my Birthday Celebration on Saturday. I'm getting old. #
  • @ctumaven That decision has to do with comments on a site, not with actual reporting. The wording in it though could be harmful to many. in reply to ctumaven #
  • @ctumaven if "assembling the writings and postings of others" doesn't count as journalist activities, publishers and editors are in trouble. #
  • @ctumaven Oh I know and I'm pretty sure the California shield law held up in a previous apple suit ( iirc). in reply to ctumaven #
  • @ctumaven There are a number of interesting questions in that case. Did they purchase stolen items? Knowingly stolen? Does lost == stolen? in reply to ctumaven #
  • @ctumaven At what standard do you have to know you are buying from the correct owner? Is the burden on the buyer or seller? in reply to ctumaven #
  • @EvilDour Apple is more anal then Karl Rove at controlling the news cycle. They won't stop. in reply to EvilDour #
  • @TeresaLynnKern Unless they thought they were being used by Apple to help spread buzz, which a reasonable person could believe as well in reply to TeresaLynnKern #
  • @aventurene In rare cases, too good to be true offers turn out to be true. in reply to aventurene #
  • @ctumaven So apple can only use media that they have used previously? They can't expand to other venues? in reply to ctumaven #
  • Going to grab a drink and chat about WordPress and Jquery #
  • Great time talking WordPress, Jquery, and iPad. Now playing with some basketball stats before the Blazer game. #
  • This is what we call the not going to complain about it start #
  • I think it's safe to call that the tale of two first quarters. Marcus Camby, please never leave the court again. #blazers #
  • Man #blazers you're really trying to not win this game. You can't even get a shot up to close the half? #
  • +1 for Camby, -2 for Batum, -2 for Webster. All other rotation players in negative double digits. #
  • Is Rudy worried he's going to be arrested for not having his papers in AZ? Is that why he's only been able to shoot above 35% in one game? #
  • "..for it has ever been, that the adversaries to a measure are more active than its friends" — George Washington #
  • according to vrms, 0.7% of all packages on my laptop are not free. That seems like too many. #
  • @EvilDour That explains a lot about you and your brother… in reply to EvilDour #
  • Interested in Rwanda? Listen to this story from Worldview & WBEZ - #
  • @magdaZINE New York Ice Tea is best when it's from Long Island. in reply to magdaZINE #
  • Fish an chips at the horsebrass. #100meat #
  • It's Official: I'm going to be speaking at WordCamp Chicago : #wcchicago #
  • @spohara Thanks. I'm excited. It's the weekend after MD, so it's about as perfect as timing gets. in reply to spohara #
  • Tonight: Blazer Game and then finishing up setting up a server and launching a site. Let's Go #blazers I want a game 7 for my birthday #
  • E-mailing a client at 3:15am. Why do I feel like @aaronpk? #
  • Me Too! RT @iandstewart: Incredibly proud to be one of the 170 contributors to WordPress 3.0 #
  • RT @devinsays: New version of Thematic Options theme released. Column layouts, ajax image uploader and more. #
  • Auto Reply: On. Birthday Weekend: Begin. #
  • I think everyone should eat @ @detourcafepdx RT @detourcafepdx: @aaronjorbin hey thanks for the website help. everyone should hire this guy! #
  • Thai meat from an awesome thai lady. #100meat #
  • Had a fun game of disc golf, even though I threw horribly. It had been along while since I played. I hope it's not a symptom of getting old #
  • @curlieluck Thanks in reply to curlieluck #
  • @ctumaven Thanks in reply to ctumaven #

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