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Tweets from the week before 2010-05-17

  • Fire alarm goes off three times the in 20 min in my girlfriend's building = me working at a coffee shop for the afternoon. #
  • @TeresaLynnKern Got in last night. I'll send out an e-mail soon. I want to make sure I see you and @chrishalebarnes this time. in reply to TeresaLynnKern #
  • Once again, @nacin hits the nail on it's head. In WordPress (and any extendable program), prefix everything: #
  • @cruzms I don't know, I might like Ray's better now. in reply to cruzms #
  • @devinsays One that I imagine is very far from you. I'm in DC right now. #
  • Forgot to tweet this yesterday: PDX > MCI > BWI #
  • @cruzms I didn't get off the plane at mci. in reply to cruzms #
  • @devinsays Yah. Thankfully I can telecommute. in reply to devinsays #
  • @mr_josh subversion is ok, but I've been working with mercurial lately and I think I like it better. #mightnotbewhatyouaretalkingabout in reply to mr_josh #
  • Michigan allows its citizens access to needed Medicine: #
  • @ctumaven @nindelicato @cruzms @KatrinaD @allisonroy @spohara @dtwright @EvilDour @kellymariez77 @sarahnaeger click link in my last tweet #
  • @ctumaven Not exactly the career path I would have predicted for him in reply to ctumaven #
  • @jacobgrier your post makes me want to try a Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall Mexican Style with a Little Bit of English . 🙂 in reply to jacobgrier #
  • Amount of oil spilled so far: Enough to drive a Ford F-150 to mars and back 2.5 times. BP CEO: "…volume of oil … is tiny.". #
  • .@dtwright Also, Each day enough oil is polluting the planet to drive said F-150 from Portland, Maine to LA and back about 1300 times #
  • @nacin Open seems to have a different meaning in the closed source world. it means: "Use our damn product and hate everyone else" in reply to nacin #
  • Watching the final launch of Atlantis. It's been a long time since I watched a space shuttle launch. #
  • I'm having it next week, but it's to good to not have tonight as well. Ray's hell burger. #100meat #
  • Headed out to a national park! And there are allegedly waterfalls there as well! #
  • @oregondean I'll take a pic when I head there next week. It's an amazing burger. You'll have to check it out next time you're in DC. in reply to oregondean #
  • Spent the afternoon hiking around Great Falls National Park. It's nice, though a bit crowded. #
  • @ctumaven We found a decent trail along the cliff that was good, but the area near the falls was packed. What's your fav hike in near dc? in reply to ctumaven #
  • @JimNariel Great falls is in the DC area, USA. A bit of a jaunt from across the pond. in reply to JimNariel #

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