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Tweets from the week before 2010-05-24

  • @Der_WupperPirat Awesome! Let me know when / how I can help. in reply to Der_WupperPirat #
  • Made Chicken Adobo for the first time tonight. It turned out really good. #100meat #
  • @devinsays I have a couple of ideas submitted. Always open to amending though if you have suggestions in reply to devinsays #
  • If you are restricting the length of a response without a good stated reason, your web form sucks and fails. #
  • Your company must know what it's dong if it claims to have been building "Visually stunning websites" for 20+ years. Mosaic came out in 1993 #
  • @devinsays I think an unconference on theme frameworks would be a great idea no matter what. I'd love the opportunity to lead it with you. in reply to devinsays #
  • @ahockley I won't deny that ASCII art can look cool, but can you really consider excessive use of it "Visually Stunning"? in reply to ahockley #
  • @ahockley I think that might qualify you for a junior developer position with them. in reply to ahockley #
  • +1 RT @Viper007Bond: RT @mmmfiber: RT: @schnik Hey @twitter, you know what would be great? Local Trending for Portland, Oregon.>I 2nd that. #
  • My bash script to have local updated versions of PHPXref for WordPress and others: #
  • "Mr Gorbachev: This structure lacked the proper permits for construction, is an eye soar, and should be removed" #fakehistoryquotes #
  • Well done Blackhawks. Well done. #
  • @ctumaven I saw that. has excerpts from the police report. It's very humorous. in reply to ctumaven #
  • Reading Documentation Documentation. It's important to document how to document. #
  • Twenty Ten has 124 instances of </div> and 126 instances of <div #weird #wordpress #stats #
  • @kchrist Yep, it's all because of conditional opening and closings. It validates. as HTML5 in reply to kchrist #
  • Had some leftover chicken adobo for a late lunch. #100meat #
  • Found a bug in IE6. Turned out not to be an ie6 bug. That's different. #
  • hacking with @nacin at @bourboncoffeedc #
  • @TeresaLynnKern I don't think it will disappoint. It's an AMAZING burger. in reply to TeresaLynnKern #
  • Haiku Friday (#100meat edition) Ray's Hell Burger soon / Good Beef, Good Cheese, Good Friends too / Best D.C. Burger #
  • Twenty Ten inline docs ticket is closed. Give them a read, you might learn some theme hints #wordpress #
  • Stanley Cup Finals! Bring it on! #
  • Made a candle light steak dinner last night #100meat #
  • Baked Ziti with Sunday Gravy. #100meat #

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