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Building Child Themes

On June 5, 2010 I spoke at WordCamp Chicago on Building Child Themes. Below are some resources on child themes that I thought might be useful if you are setting out to build a child theme.

If you have any questions about my slides, feel free to ask them here.

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Hey Aaron,

I am an aspiring web developer (just got a grip around the HTML and CSS pretty good and have started to delve into the WordPress PHP and file structure), and really like your stuff here and would like to learn more about creating child themes. I am not that well versed around PHP, but I want to study it through WP. Do you have any more links, tips or tutorials that could be useful?

Best Regards,


This definitely gives me a better idea of editing current themes that I work with, such as the Thirty Ten child theme. Though learning the basics of wordpress design is going to take some time, especially the PHP Mysql part. 🙂

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