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Tweets from the week before 2010-07-05

  • Daniel Inouye is now the President Pro Tempore Senate. Can anyone guess the last President Pro Tempore to become U.S. President? #
  • @AnEloquentDane close, but no. in reply to AnEloquentDane #
  • We have a winner. The last and only so far (and likely ever based on current practice). RT @nacin: @aaronjorbin Tyler! #
  • @nacin Indeed. I take it you are also interested in Presidential Trivia. Do you go to bar trivia? in reply to nacin #
  • Cheesesteak #100meat #
  • Salmon, goat, chicken, pork. #100meat #
  • RT @chknlovr: Wallet was stolen in a grocery store in Edgewater. Pics of the guy that did it on my blog: Let's find him! #
  • The First brewpub I went to in Portland was Luck Lab. Headed to one now on the eve of leaving for a final PDX beer. #
  • Thank you Portland. To quote General MacArthur: I came through and I shall return. #
  • PDX > ORD , ORD > DCA #
  • Landed in the district. #
  • Any guesses what burger i'm having for dinner? #100meat #

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