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Tweets from the week before 2010-07-12

  • @gtcaz Good luck on your drive. Let's connect when you are in the district. Are you a cocktail fan like @kchrist? in reply to gtcaz #
  • I'm going to need a much more light weight wardrobe. I'm considering a seersucker suit. #
  • @chknlovr nope, Ray's Hell Burger in reply to chknlovr #
  • Made a bento lunch with salad, apple juice roasted carrots, dried mango, and a red pepper hummus and chedder quesadilla. Very Tasty! #
  • @andrea_r aesthetics are the one thing lacking from my bento. Healthy, tasty and packed in a small container are go, go go. in reply to andrea_r #
  • @aaronpk I thought that having a <head> and <body> tag caused firefox to spin out of control and eat up 80% of the cpu in reply to aaronpk #
  • Going to a building bigger then any other building i've ever been in. #
  • @dtwright perhaps in reply to dtwright #
  • @dtwood It was my pleasure to help out in reply to dtwood #
  • The law of diminishing marginal returns: Woke up an hour early, got to work half an hour early. #
  • I might regret saying this later, but after wrestling with a rewrite bug for 2 days I don't care: "You Can Call me MASTER" #
  • My girlfriend claims I'm getting sick. I'm still claiming it's allergies. #
  • It was a dirty game, but I can't complain about a #spain victory in extra time. now nap time. #

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