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Dancing and Coding

Two weeks ago I switched to primarily standing at work.  I’ve found that while my foot are kind of sore by the end of the day, (though I’m hoping the barefoot shoes I just ordered help with that).  I also have definitely noticed an increase in the amount of dancing I do while coding.  My coworkers can attest to it.

Here is what my current setup looks like.  I need to work on the cable management a bit, but for now this works well.

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>> My coworkers can attest to it.

Why, yes. Yes we can. I can also attest that that is indeed a sideways fish tank. We know not what became of the fish.

Hi Aaron!

I’ve been using a standing desk at home for a year, and just switched to one at work. (Both I use mostly barefoot). The first week at work was brutal compared to home. The difference? Flexible hardwood floors at home. Concrete under carpet at work. Concrete is hard and unforgiving. Very unforgiving.

It takes a bit of time to get used to the concrete and I’ve got a mat on order to soften things a bit. I’m definitely interested to see how the shoe change works.

And Yay for dancing at the desk.

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