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Adventures in 120mm

Digital is cool, but there is something special about shooting medium format film. Here are 10 favorites from the Carlos Classic 2 and WordCamp Boston 2011.

FlowersA Pig, one step before delicousFish Eyed pork (before it was pulled)A pig taking a schvitz#wcbos minglingNacin explaining how something works in WordPress#wcbos discussionsA closed eyed koopSara in the boshausPaul

4 replies on “Adventures in 120mm”

I’m hoping to play around with these a bit in photoshop. I have another roll that I’m picking up this weekend and a few more rolls waiting to be shot.

Thanks for the recommendation to check out Holga. These pictures wouldn’t have happened without you.

Wow, these are truly cool mate, love the work. There is something i really like about “Fish Eyed pork” cant put my finger on it but love it, this would make a good canvas in my house!

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