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Twenty Thirteen: My first thoughts

Last night, Mark Jaquith introduced Twenty Thirteen to the WordPress Community. I really like the design direction Twenty Thirteen is going. Similar to how I’ve made colors more vibrant on my site and used them to differentiate Post Formats, Twenty Thirteen takes a similar approach. Check out the demo site to see it for yourself.

One of the parts of the announcement that I really liked was a call for some quality accessibility testing. I’m glad to see this getting discussion now, early in the process.

Accessibility is still important, even when making bold artistic statements, and I’d be surprised if we didn’t have work to do there.

–Mark Jaquith

In fact, we are already working on improving the color contrast..

What are your first thoughts on Twenty Thirteen?

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1 reply on “Twenty Thirteen: My first thoughts”

Hi Aaron,

I know I’m a bit late on this, but I’m curious to get your take on the 404 template in Twenty Thirteen (example:

While the layout/content of the 404 template doesn’t relate to accessibility in the tradition sense of contrast, size, labeling and the like, I think of it as related in that it helps provide context and orientation for both impaired and abled visitors alike. In that regard, while I find the dramatic style of the 404 page to be visually pleasing, I’m concerned that in its current state, it’s too far towards beautiful and not nearly enough useful. For example, on my late 2012 21″ iMac, the content of the template doesn’t even start above the fold.

What do you think?


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