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It’s time to Escape the WordPress Bubble

WordPress has a bad rap in outside circles.  While other communities are seeing WordPress as more than blog software, many still think that since WordPress supports PHP 5.2, it doesn’t also support PHP 5.6 or HHVM.  They don’t know about the all the interesting problems that WordPress solves so that users and developers can get there jobs done easier.  And this is the WordPress communities fault.

We as a community spend to much time living inside our bubble.  This is slowly changing.  People like Helen Hou-Sandí are speaking at cssconf, Jenny Wong at PHPUK, Zack Tollman at PHP[world], and Joe Dolson at CSUN (amongst many others) are getting the word out about WordPress, but we can do better, and we must do better, and we will do better.

To help WordPress developers escape the bubble, I’m creating a mailing list where we can share CFP announcements, review each others abstracts, and support each others desires to break out of the WordPress bubble. The aim is a high signal list (membership will be moderated) where knowledgeable WordPress developers can work together to improve our image.  Let’s break down this bubble.

EDIT: Jenny Wong is going to be giving a talk at WordCamp Europe on this, including some great tools to help you break out of the bubble. If you won’t be at WCEU, you can check out the livestream.

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Beautifully timed, Aaron, the Melbourne WordPress User group hosted the local Drupal and Joomla groups last night at an Open Source mixer and what we hope is the beginning of lots of stronger ties in our communities.

I also had the good fortune to be invited to speak at Drupal South the AU/NZ conference and loved having the chance to see what other people are doing. The big takeaway? We are more alike than different.

Looking forward to talking to others about similar things, thanks for this initiative.

this is great and long overdue.

In the last 4 years the Joomla World Conference has had Matt keynote, had a WordPress agency owner keynote, and held sessions and visitors from Drupal, .Net, Adobe CQ core team.

Drupal have had WordPress and Joomla speakers at their major DrupalCons multiple times – a long with loads of other CMS / Frameworks…

Of course @ WPSF and WPEurope in the last 5 years there has also been… Oh wait, no-one.

I recall last year while one keen Joomla-er was giving a lightning talk on using WordPress with Joomla; a well known WordPress blog and business posted an article called “Why Joomla sucks and people who use it suck”. (It was kismet that they were talking and going viral at the same time).

For WordPress community to escape the bubble, there needs to be a realisation and acceptance that people that don’t use WordPress actually like it, AND that there are scenarios where using WP isn’t practical or feasible. We don’t use something other than WP because we don’t know WP.

To the WPs out there, the larger tech and PHP community would love to have you at more events – but sycophantic attitudes just don’t fly. Come join in, help us understand WP changes, the problems its solving, and be open to hearing why some people don’t use it 🙂 let’s share knowledge and make things better together 🙂

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