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Seville Photos

While I was in Seville for WordCamp Europe and spent most of my time at the conference (and practicing my speech for the conference), I had a bit of a chance one afternoon to walk around and see some sites with Tammie Lister who also took some great shots. It was great being able to chat with a WordPress person I had only had a few passing conversations with while also getting to know a city foreign to us both.

I really liked the architecture of Seville. It was a great blend of hundreds of years of styles. From the little plazas to the grand cathedral, it was stunning. I really want to head back, not only to see more of the sites, but also just to be able to relax in the plazas. Though I think I would prefer it being a bit chillier than the extreme heat of June.

I loved the little plazzas. This one was just over the bridge from my hotel and featured a little churchA beautiful mansion just off of the Alameda de HérculesCovering the road was this sheet that provided shade. The Coca Cola sign in the middle stood out to meI like how well the Cathedral from the 16th century contrasted with StarbucksThis dog was chilling without a leash. It barked at me a few times but when the accordian player told it to quite down, it listenedWalking through town I stumbled on a protest of some sort. No idea what they were protesting (i couldn't understand a word of it).

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