Some More Random Thoughts on Default Themes

Last year, on default theme announcement day, I shared some thoughts on default themes. As a CertifiedWordPressThoughtLeader, It’s time to update those thoughts:

  • TwentySeventeen looks amazing.  Really excited to see something completely new.  I think it will eventually look better with a bowtie on it.
  • I still wish there was an open call for ideas to brainstorm. Perhaps something for TwentyEighteen?
  • I really want to see a default theme that demonstrates wp-api. I also recognize that this will raise the barrier to entry for contributing.  It needs to be balanced.  Maybe by Twenty Eighteen everyone will have learned JavaScript Deeply so that it can be a reality?
  • What excites me most about TwentySeventeen is all the pieces that will likely not be a part of the theme, but will be changes that the theme drives in core.
  • If you haven’t been involved in creating a default theme, you should. It’s a lot of fun.  It’s also on GitHub right now, so if that is your flavor, use it.

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