A lesson from a fellow OSS maintainer: Why I took October off from OSS volunteering

For some people, when they realize how me and all other project maintainers out there are treated, they are horrified (and I’m not exaggerating when I say all project maintainers; I have yet to meet a maintainer who doesn’t suffer this kind of abuse). Others, though, don’t quite get it, so I’ve tried to come up with an analogy to help explain it.

Source: Why I took October off from OSS volunteering

Reading Brett’s tale of how he as an open source maintainer was treated, kept making me think “yes”, “this”, and “OMG, so much this”.

Working in the open and taking on the burden of maintainership is a giant challenge. Over the last year+, I’ve tried to say thank you more often to fellow maintainers.  It’s a small act, but it’s one that I think is important for anyone that considers themselves a leader. 

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  1. PressThis FTW! Thanks for sharing this. Definitely worth the read, and I think everything here applies all the way down the stack. Also, I think your frequent thank-yous are excellent.

  2. OK, so I’m looking around this site, and I think you’re using post formats and if so I really like how you’re doing this. Is this a custom theme or is this one that’s on the repo/in the wild/on Github?

    1. It’s twentyseventeen, the default theme that comes with 4.7. I am using post formats to some degree, but likely could do a better job with them, categories and tags.

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