Null Propagation Operator proposal for JavaScript

At it’s January meeting, TC39 (essentially the standards body responsible for JavaScript) heard a proposal for some syntactical sugar that really excites me.  It’s called the Null Propagation operator and allows code that looks like const firstName = (message && message.body && message.body.user && message.body.user.firstName) || ‘default’; to become code that looks like const firstName […]

“My Code is Self-Documenting” — Eric Holscher 

Self-documenting code is one of the biggest documentation myths in the software industry. This view generally conflates documentation with code comments. I’d like to make two arguments in this post: Code comments have value Documentation has more value than just explaining how software works Source: “My Code is Self-Documenting” — Eric Holscher – Surfing in […]

New BASH Prompt

For the last few years, I’ve been using impromptu for setting my bash prompt. However, it felt in perpetual beta status and I wanted to try out something new, so today I installed bash-git-prompt and am giving it a try. It was super easy to get started with it following the instructions. Run brew update Run brew install […]

An alternative splitting algorithm for publishiza

My friend John built plugin for writing tweet storms in WordPress. I’ve now used it to tweet storm about salary negotiations and WordPress committer stats in 2016. I like it, but I wasn’t super happy with how it split up the the post into individual tweets. It essentially just splits it up so that each tweet is […]

Stop macOS from asking for the ssh passcode every time

Upon the most recent update for macOS ( version 10.12.2), I was being prompted for my SSH passcode every time I would ssh into a server.  As someone who moves between servers often, this got annoying. Thankfully, a new config option can fix this: UseKeychain yes Just add that to your .ssh/config and you don’t need to […]