Stop macOS from asking for the ssh passcode every time

Upon the most recent update for macOS ( version 10.12.2), I was being prompted for my SSH passcode every time I would ssh into a server.  As someone who moves between servers often, this got annoying. Thankfully, a new config option can fix this: UseKeychain yes Just add that to your .ssh/config and you don’t need to […]

Aggregate Multiple Log Files From Multiple Servers

The majority of the time I need to analyze logs across multiple servers, I use logstash.  Sometimes though I want to aggregate the actual files on the server and go through them myself with awk and grep.  For doing that, I use two tools. In my bash config, I have a function called access_concat that […]

Facebook shares some secrets on making MySQL scale — Cloud Computing News

When you’re storing every transaction for 800 million users and handling more than 60 million queries per second, your database environment had better be something special. via Facebook shares some secrets on making MySQL scale — Cloud Computing News. Facebook uses and pushes MySQL like no other. This article gives a great insight into how […]

Thoughts on Post Meta Boxes in WordPress

I’m generally of the opinion that the screen for adding content should be as simple as possible in a CMS.  It’s one of the reasons I really like the new Distraction Free Writing in WordPress 3.2 (sneak peek if case you haven’t seen it).  It’s why I was a huge fan of WordPress reducing the […]

Barcamp News Innovation Philly Hackathon Project

Part of Barcamp News Innovation Philly is an open data hackathon.  I wanted to do a live visualization of something and I wanted to use canvas.  What I did is create a “Paint thrown against the wall” visualization of tweets tagged #bcniphilly.  The color of the tweet is specific for the user, the size of the circle is […]