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A further updated theme

Last week I updated my blog, this week I updated it again. The gradient background was too much. That is the largest change, but there are some other tweaks as well.

Thanks to Otto, Andrew Spittle, and Ben Balter for the bug reports. If anyone sees something else that looks off, please let me know.

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How was my site shared in 2011?

A cool project that my team at AddThis worked on to start the new year was to build an individual info graphic for a number of our publishers. To do this, we built a basic HTML page and used PhantomJS to convert them into pngs. We then used imagemagick to spice things up a bit. All in all, they turned out pretty cool and hopefully the publishers agree once they have had a chance to check them out.

Check out the info graphic for this site after the jump. It’s pretty cool to see how people shared my content over the last year.

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Dogfood … it Sure tastes good!

Any developer worth their salt eats their own dog food. This of course means that from time to time you find bugs. Hence a lot of posts that wouldn’t normally appear on my home page or in my feed are now in my feed and on my home page. I hope to have this straightened out soon.

In related news, WordPress 3.1 is looking sexy.

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Constructing my new theme with Thematic

EDIT: I’ve switched to a Twenty Ten Child Theme

When I heard Ian Stewart’s announcement that he become an Automattician I figured it was a good idea to take a look at Thematic and see what it could do. I’ve mostly built my themes from scratch, but Thematic looked like it could streamline my work and hasten the development of sites. I figured if I’m going to try it out, I might as well give my site some love an a new theme. Thus Aaron.Jorb.In 3.0 was born.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Essentially Thematic makes theme development as easy as plugin development. Find the appropriate hook/filter and make the changes needed. For example, I wanted a slightly different loop for My Clients Category Page that also doubles as my Portfolio. By adding an action to wp_head, I am able to check if it is the My-Clients Category, and if so I can remove the default loop, add my own, and also add a notice to appear above the loop.

It’s also super easy to remove the sidebar. All I had to do was add an action to thematic_sidebar that returned false. Essentially Thematic has removed my need to make custom page templates when I want to keep 90% of the page the same.

Overall, redoing my site took about a third of the time that it took me to construct the last version. I would encourage anyone familiar with the plugin architecture of WordPress to take a look at Thematic. And the best part about it? It’s 100% gpl compatible and doesn’t cost a penny.

If you have any question how I added or did anything on here, please comment below.

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Yes, they do happen. I’ve changed some things around and all that jazz.

I’ve updated the site and added a couple of pages to the portfolio section.  Expect more updates soon.

What do you think of the changes?

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In the beginning..

aaron created

and life is good.