The Slippers make me want to scream KJHLKAJHDIAUSHDLIAUSHD

    The basic design of the Star Wars Chewbacca slippers is that it covers the half of the top part of your feet, with material that looks like fur and has a little wookiee on top of the part that covers the top half of your feet. The Star Wars Chewbacca slippers come in […]

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@KatherineKMH Congratulations! in reply to KatherineKMH # My Opponent Knows Where Washington Is On A Map; I Don't, And I Never Will | The Onion via @addthis # It's one of the biggest wins around RT @williamsba: Inline documentation FTW #plugindevbook # @designsimply screen rocks! in reply to designsimply # I've just snapped a […]

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My roundup from #wcnyc #thanksJane #thanksSteve # At @npr for the combined Hacks and Hackers and DC WordPress meetup. # Get better search by writing content that people actually want to read #wordpress cc/ @bgardner # @bgardner Except that without good content, it doesn't matter what plugins you use. in reply to bgardner # […]

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Besides protovis, does anyone know of a javascript based charting library that also builds Maps / Geo-charts? #dataviz #lazytweet # @kingkool68 I've looked at it, but it means either using flash or having completely static charts w/o useful tooltips in reply to kingkool68 # I should have been more specific. I'm looking for Flash Free […]

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@jfc3 My week is going GREAT! 🙂 in reply to jfc3 # @cocktailia They have an opening time for a reason, and that reason is for you to go there. in reply to cocktailia # In the area of unsurprising news: # @SandyS1 Wasn't Andorra part of the coalition of the disillusioned? in reply […]