Tweets from the week before 2010-09-27

@devinsays I'm going to work till slighly after lunchtime. I'm hoping to spend some time with @PortlandSun this afternoon. in reply to devinsays # .@JohnPBloch while ($ternary == 'nested') {$code_readability–;} #blamenacin cc/@nacin # @nacin Code that's unreadable is worse then code that won't run since it's code that will be much harder to debug. cc/@JohnPBloch […]

Tweets from the week before 2010-09-06

@JohnPBloch Wrote three simple plugins to demonstrate the user / roles and capabilties API for tonight. Now to finish up the slides. # If there was a #vim @AtDdev plugin, I would be a happy, happy, happy man. # @JohnPBloch . You need both that and the OpenID plugin active in reply to JohnPBloch […]

Tweets from the week before 2010-08-30

@KatherineKMH YES YES YES! Do you deliver? in reply to KatherineKMH # @KatherineKMH You are Awesome! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. in reply to KatherineKMH # 33 Chilean Miners are trapped inside a collapsed mine. It will take four months to rescue them. Future made for TV movie? # @twittgrinder What kind of […]

Tweets from the week before 2010-08-23

@flashingcursor I have a post on my site about an idea for one. I'd love to see you run with it: in reply to flashingcursor # Just booked my tickets for WordCamp Portland! # @TheFrosty You can alternate quotation marks (single/double). Single's don't process variables though. in reply to TheFrosty # @kchrist Thanks. Should […]

Tweets from the week before 2010-08-02

@CurbsideCupcake Braddock Road Metro #IKnowIAmDreaming in reply to CurbsideCupcake # Listening to a @Phish 3.0 show since multiple people have told me I should give it a chance. June 27 at Merriweather Post Pavillion # I Love the smell of tickets being closed as fixed. It smells like…Victory. # Today is the 20th Anniversary fo […]