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Detour Cafe

Detour Cafe is a fabulous (I recommend The Boys Upstairs which is a sandwich featuring Italian sausage with roasted onions, melted mozzarella and tomato sauce) cafe in South East Portland that I had the honor of collaborating once again with Emily Steen from Built Studios on for their website. They already had a basic site, but it was slow and hard to update (since it relied on a lot of flash).

Emily designed a few enhancements to the sites usability and I rebuilt the site from scratch to use WordPress to allow them to make all the changes to update the site easily and often. I provided all the coding outside of the site header and trained Becky, one of the Cafe owners, on how to use WordPress.


This site was a lot of fun.  I worked with Emily Steen, the Principal of Built Studios, to build a site that allows them to easily update the site with all the work they do and

This site features a custom built WordPress theme that makes use of the Jquery UI for both the side navigation and the image switcher on client pages.  Check out this page to see the image switcher in action.

Since launching the site, we have added the news feed to the front page to make it easier for them to show off the newest things worked on.

Valls Photographic

I worked with Valls Photographic on two great sites. The first is and it is Wedding and Wedding Photography blog. While I’m not getting married anytime soon, I’ve stayed subscribed to this blog for it’s great Photographs. I got this site back up and running after an SQL injection attack and upgraded it and it’s security.

The second site I did for Valls Photographic is, a comercial photography blog. I designed this blog to be clean and fit in with the overall theme of

edge Of Belmont

edge of Belmont is a restaurant in SE Portland serving eclectic cuisine. There site features multiple menus and an events calendar, both client controlled. In addition the event calendar automatically removes events after they’ve happened. The site was visually designed by Ben Vanderveen at plus two collective. Since the site launched I’ve helped maintain the site for them.