Best of Bootie 2016 released! 21-track mixtape + 10 bonus tracks – Bootie Mashup

This year’s compilation — just like every year — was chosen equally by Bootie creators Adrian A and Mysterious D, collectively known as A Plus D. The pair focused on mashups that utilized chart hits from the past year, to function a bit as a pop culture time capsule. However, they didn’t limit themselves to that criteria, especially if a mashup came […]

A lesson from a fellow OSS maintainer: Why I took October off from OSS volunteering

For some people, when they realize how me and all other project maintainers out there are treated, they are horrified (and I’m not exaggerating when I say all project maintainers; I have yet to meet a maintainer who doesn’t suffer this kind of abuse). Others, though, don’t quite get it, so I’ve tried to come […]