Video: The WordPress REST API Guide for Non-developers – Petya Raykovska

We rarely talk about are the challenges presented by the REST API, especially for non-developers, mostly because the only people who talk about the REST API are developers. This talk  provides a short guide to the WordPress REST API from a non-developer perspective: what is it, how it will change WordPress development, combined with some […]

WordPress 4.7 downloads: 4 million in 7 days

I glanced over at the WordPress Download Counter and saw that WordPress 4.7 surpassed Four million since it came out last Tuesday. Five years ago, during the State of the Word, Matt highlighted that WordPress 3.2 had 500,000 downloads in two days.  5 years and 15 releases later, it’s amazing to see the growth of WordPress. In […]

A Free WordPress Development course – Part 1

Want to Learn WordPress?  There is no need to pay for a course that you may not ever finish it. You can level up your WordPress development skills for free. How? By watching some of the really great developers and designers of WordPress and by reading great examples of WordPress code. This isn’t a great […]

WordPress contributor continuity and other stats

I posted a graph of new WordPress contributors per release and Brian Krogsgard had some questions that I decided to look into.  Mostly he wanted to know how well WordPress did at maintaining contributors. So I made some more graphs. In general, past contributions as a predictor of future contributions are pretty consistent across releases. If you […]

grunt-patch-wordpress v0.4.0

Today I released an update to grunt-patch-wordpress which adds 2 cool features. GitHub URL support. You can now use grunt patch: with any copy of WordPress on GitHub. No longer will you need to download the patch manually. Works for both core and develop mirrors on GitHub. This feature was suggested by Helen 侯-Sandí Upload […]

WordPress Automated Testing Next Gen

Thinking more about next steps for my half-baked idea for automated WordPress testing. So far, I’ve had multiple hosts reach out with nothing but positive feedback. The next step in my eyes is to come up with some next steps, proposing this as a featured project, and then building the pieces and recruiting hosts.  In […]

The variable pieces of the WordPress Stack

Yesterday I shared a half backed idea about having hosts help more with automated testing for WordPress. Continuing that thread, there are a handful of things that need to be figured out.  The first of which is what are the pieces of the WordPress Stack that we need to track and are the real variables. Here […]