What You Don’t See on my WordPress Profile Activity Tab

A lot goes on in WordPress Core development that doesn’t make it into the WordPress Profile Activity log. Here is a handful of the things I’ve worked on over the last month to give you an idea of what I have worked on. Many other contributors work on things that also don’t make it into […]

Decisions, not options (suggested readings and watching)

Something incredibly common in every discussion about changing a default behavior in WordPress is someone suggesting “Just make it an option”.  WordPress has a core philosophy  “Decisions, not Options“.  This philosophy is one that is important for all software and is explained and enumerated over and over.  Here are some of the places that exemplify […]

PHP 7 and WordPress hosts: An informal survey at #WCNYC

At WordCamp NYC this weekend I decided to do some impromptu research about how prepared different web hosts are for PHP 7 which is scheduled for release on the 12th of November. Without identifying myself or my role, I talked with most of the hosts present. I said hi and asked “What is your plan […]

Automated Code Coverage of WordPress Core PHP code

Scott Taylor offered me “$3-4 million” to set up automated code coverage for WordPress core. While it is a bit below my usual hourly rate, I decided to give Scott a 🎁to celebrate WordPress 4.4 Beta 1 and did it for free. Running codecov as a part of the normal travis-ci runs wasn’t really an […]

Fall Conferences – PHP Madison and WordCamp NYC

Today I get to announce two conferences that I’m speaking at this fall. The first is here in NYC and is the 2015 WordCamp NYC.  I’ll be giving a talk entitled: Lessons from Science Fiction and Fantasy we can use in Creating Websites.  Here is a short synopsis. Science Fiction and Fantasy can teach web […]

The Year of the WordPress Accessibility Team – WerdsWords

This year has seen a lot of positive change in the WordPress contributor community, especially in the area of accessibility. Take for instance, the appearance this year of two new faces on the credits screen as of WordPress 4.3: Source: The Year of the WordPress Accessibility Team – WerdsWords Drew is completely on target here. […]

Apply for the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship to attend WordCamp US 2015

I’d like to ask everyone reading this to take a moment to remember Kim, and to remember that it’s up to all of us to make people with different backgrounds feel welcome and included at events like these. Let’s do her proud. Apply for the Kim Parsell Memorial Travel Scholarship Source: Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship […]

Following up on WordPress in a Next Generation PHP World

In April, just as WordPress 4.3 was beginning development, I started a conversation about WordPress, PHP7, and HHVM. Now that WordPress 4.3 has been released, I’m glad to say WordPress is looking great as far as PHP7 goes. I’m planning on spending some time during the 4.3 development cycle focused on these next generation platforms. The PHP […]