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Happy Birthday UNICEF

63 years ago today, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) was created by the general assembly to provide food, clothing and health care to the children victims of World War Two. Seven years later the UNGA extended the mandate indefinitely with the goal:

…to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.Source: UNICEF Mission Statement

Congratulations on your first 63 years. I hope the next 63 allows for even more progress in attempting to make the world a better place for all children.

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Tweets from the week before 2009-12-07

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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-30

  • @cobock I <3 the law of the sea #amun09 in reply to cobock #
  • @cobock You are always welcome in your vacation home inside the compound. in reply to cobock #
  • Amun has provided me with bacon! Win! #amun09 #
  • A dangerous world situation has developed that has required the attention of the security council. #amun09 #
  • Bacon a second time today, this time on pizza. Win of the Century. #amun09 #
  • #fail at resting my arms and legs. #
  • #haikufriday had a great AMUN / didn't write any haikus / a first? I bet so! #
  • #haikufriday more sarah time soon / with sisters and parents too / in peoria #
  • @ctumaven Yes, but I forgot to tweet about them. Prett good. I need to find a french food importer so I can get them again. in reply to ctumaven #
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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-23

  • @oregondean you are correct sir. My airport code knowledge does not compare to yours. #
  • @lyzadanger Is it PDX to O'hare or Midway? Any new route is good though since @SouthwestAir cut down to one a day. in reply to lyzadanger #
  • @allisonroy Failure rates for all loptop manufacturers hover around 20%. What are your needs? #
  • @lyzadanger Great. Thanks. Enjoy your time with #!/bin/bash . She's an old friend who I to often neglect. in reply to lyzadanger #
  • @ctumaven Can that be any more filled with win? in reply to ctumaven #
  • RT @RayLaHood: 11.8% of all traffic fatalities are pedestrians. We need safer roads. Yes, it IS that simple. #
  • Glenkinche 12, not as good as the de. Not a great blossom. #
  • Cragmore – vanilla, easy nose, good blossom into plum overtones. #
  • Playing chauffeur for my father and grandfather is cutting into my coding and #amun09 prep time. Packing the truck in a short while. #
  • Replying to a couple of emails and then putting up my Auto-reply message. It's almost time for the actual #amun09 #
  • Why yes, I do need to be awake in 2 hours. At least I had a productive night. @ctumaven & @dtwright I have something ugly to show you. #
  • @KatrinaD LIES, that is tomorrow. First we need to setup the rooms. in reply to KatrinaD #
  • Heading down to #amun09 and Wondering what kind of excitement this year's conference will bring. #
  • @KatrinaD no. If it was at conference training today, I would have a training agenda finished. This is the last day of pre-conference in reply to KatrinaD #
  • This is different, i'm about to get on the purple mobile office to redo my #amun09 training agenda. #
  • Stealing time from a faulty plan… An appropriate song for what i'm doing. #
  • Having a glass of rye. It's that kind of move in. #amun09 #
  • Can I declare Agenda bankruptcy, since we are no where near current. #amun09 #
  • @KatrinaD Glad to hear you're doing well. Feel better. You're missed here at #amun09 in reply to KatrinaD #
  • Still waiting for the first research request from a rep. Home Government is ready and waiting of the fourth floor in room 4E #amun09 #
  • @samantilles be nice to me #
  • @gretchenmarie5 DS is filled with Rock Stars this year. Keep up the good work! in reply to gretchenmarie5 #
  • @ctumaven I think @nindelicato answered one of them. I'll see what I can do on the others. in reply to ctumaven #
  • @spohara And what committee is that one for? in reply to spohara #
  • @spohara Um, no. Opening plen isn't for ~45 minutes. You're going to make @sarahnaeger think she's late. #amun09 in reply to spohara #
  • Let the games begin. #amun09 #
  • The First request is in to HG. It's all happening. #amun09 #
  • @KatrinaD Did you expect @samantilles to be nice to me? For that matter, I'm surprised that @scullycc1013 is as nice to me as she is in reply to KatrinaD #
  • The first Role Player request has arrived. I'm calling this an #amun09 win. #
  • @KatrinaD I don't know if 'miss' is the word I would use, but it would be better if you were here with us in reply to KatrinaD #
  • @TeresaLynnKern No, it wouldn't be much better in reply to TeresaLynnKern #
  • An amazing Friday at #amun09 . 3 Roleplay requests for HG set's a Record according to the Hoppe book of AMUN Records. #
  • Tis the morning of the busy at #amun09 . The requests are flowing into HG #
  • This is the Year of the Roleplay in HG. It's also the year of me running around and wishing I had more comfortable shoes #amun09 #
  • RT @dtwright: #christinabates thinks twitter is ridiculous #amun09 #
  • It's the start of Day three, and HG is two request away from 100. #amun09 #
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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-16

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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-09

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Tweets from the week before 2009-11-02

  • The Instant Site Review tool at is free right now but won't be soon (via @shendison ) #
  • @shendison Glad to hear everything is all right with your son. I hope things stay that way. in reply to shendison #
  • @cruzms I'll try it at conference. Does it have the @sarahnaeger public health seal of approval? in reply to cruzms #
  • Why do bugs insist on not fixing themselves. It's so rude of them. #
  • .@DudeMountain premiered another award winning short last night and I'm in it. It's Hilarious! #
  • @oregondean Can you blame the doctor? Who would really want to perform that exam on those guys? in reply to oregondean #
  • Tonight: #amun09, #cocktailcamp and yelling at Mysql #
  • Oh does that commit feel good. #
  • Damn. Last minute Birthday Party for a friend might keep me from getting all I want done tonight. Hopefully I have a productive bus ride. #
  • Meeting Notes from 1st #cocktailcamp planning meeting are up at #
  • #HaikuFriday: Very Close to beta / Crossing Fingers: I'm not sick / Can whisky fix both? #
  • @cruzmsthe command line works well for me. I imagine that you would want a gui though, and thus I'm going to be of no use to you. #
  • Finally have irssi set up on a remote server so I should stay logged in at all times. Now it's time for more Halloween Fun w/ @dudemountain #
  • The problem with halloween in portland: you don't know who is in costume and who dresses that way everyday. #
  • Congrats to the @nprTechTeam who successfully switched to MySQL tonight. #FOSS WIN! #
  • RT @markos: Step 1: kick out gays, blacks, Latinos, youth, urbanites, single women, non-religious & (now) moderate GOPers. Step 2: majority! #
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Tweets from the week before 2009-10-26

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Twitter Updates for 2009-10-01

  • Wow do I feel like I suck at using svn #
  • @travismargoni Fan Accessibly just doesn't seem important to the NBA. in reply to travismargoni #
  • @ctumaven In the words of Obama, YES WE CAN! I'll be back there then too. in reply to ctumaven #
  • @ctumaven West of the loop, about half a mile from Flat Top in reply to ctumaven #
  • @ctumaven no, we could easily take the L. As long as we are ready for move in in the morning, I think @sarahaeger wil be OK with it. in reply to ctumaven #
  • Portland BaconFest This Saturday! | October 3 @ East Burn from — this might be overkill, Tim do you want to check thi … #
  • Scott Porad: LOLs, FAILs, and Life at the Cheezburger Factory from — A funny look at the dev process at … #
  • Alan Grayson is climbing up the Awesome List. Perhaps if the Republican Party presented an option, He wouldn't need to present it for them. #

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Trying to win the contest

There is currently a contest going on at were they are giving away 5 licenses for the site if you link to there post of the plugins you use. I am linking to none of the plugins because I don’t use any plugins that I can only get behind a pay wall.