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  • The Instant Site Review tool at is free right now but won't be soon (via @shendison ) #
  • @shendison Glad to hear everything is all right with your son. I hope things stay that way. in reply to shendison #
  • @cruzms I'll try it at conference. Does it have the @sarahnaeger public health seal of approval? in reply to cruzms #
  • Why do bugs insist on not fixing themselves. It's so rude of them. #
  • .@DudeMountain premiered another award winning short last night and I'm in it. It's Hilarious! #
  • @oregondean Can you blame the doctor? Who would really want to perform that exam on those guys? in reply to oregondean #
  • Tonight: #amun09, #cocktailcamp and yelling at Mysql #
  • Oh does that commit feel good. #
  • Damn. Last minute Birthday Party for a friend might keep me from getting all I want done tonight. Hopefully I have a productive bus ride. #
  • Meeting Notes from 1st #cocktailcamp planning meeting are up at #
  • #HaikuFriday: Very Close to beta / Crossing Fingers: I'm not sick / Can whisky fix both? #
  • @cruzmsthe command line works well for me. I imagine that you would want a gui though, and thus I'm going to be of no use to you. #
  • Finally have irssi set up on a remote server so I should stay logged in at all times. Now it's time for more Halloween Fun w/ @dudemountain #
  • The problem with halloween in portland: you don't know who is in costume and who dresses that way everyday. #
  • Congrats to the @nprTechTeam who successfully switched to MySQL tonight. #FOSS WIN! #
  • RT @markos: Step 1: kick out gays, blacks, Latinos, youth, urbanites, single women, non-religious & (now) moderate GOPers. Step 2: majority! #

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  • Wow do I feel like I suck at using svn #
  • @travismargoni Fan Accessibly just doesn't seem important to the NBA. in reply to travismargoni #
  • @ctumaven In the words of Obama, YES WE CAN! I'll be back there then too. in reply to ctumaven #
  • @ctumaven West of the loop, about half a mile from Flat Top in reply to ctumaven #
  • @ctumaven no, we could easily take the L. As long as we are ready for move in in the morning, I think @sarahaeger wil be OK with it. in reply to ctumaven #
  • Portland BaconFest This Saturday! | October 3 @ East Burn from — this might be overkill, Tim do you want to check thi … #
  • Scott Porad: LOLs, FAILs, and Life at the Cheezburger Factory from — A funny look at the dev process at … #
  • Alan Grayson is climbing up the Awesome List. Perhaps if the Republican Party presented an option, He wouldn't need to present it for them. #

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A Basic Database and Content Backup Script

I presented an unconference session at the great WordCamp Portland and have cleaned up my backup script for WordPress (and really any db/single uploading/plugin/theme folder program). Comment here if you have any questions about how it works or suggestions for how to improve it. Like WordPress, it’s available under the GPL v2
[bash]#! /bin/sh

# config
# end config

DATE=`date +%Y.%m.%d.%k.%m | tr " " _`
echo Licensed under the GPL version 2
echo Copyright 2009 Aaron Jorbin
echo $DATE start backup with mysqldump
mysqldump $DBTABLE –add-drop-table -h localhost -u $DBUSER –password=$DBPASSWORD –single-transaction > db.$DATE
echo mysqldump done, gziping it
tar cfz db.$DATE.tar.gz db.$DATE
rm db.$DATE
echo Database backup gzipped, Tarring up our WordPress folder
tar cfz mu.$DATE.tar.gz -C / $CONTENTPATH
echo copying files to backup folder
mv db.$DATE.tar.gz $DESTINATION/
mv mu.$DATE.tar.gz $DESTINATION/
echo Cleaning Up
#clean up files that are sitting there
find $DESTINATION -type f -mtime +14 -exec rm {} \;
echo Thank you for backing up WordPress.
echo —
echo The Poetic Code
echo Options, Comments, Posts and more
echo Safer then before[/bash]

Detour Cafe

Detour Cafe is a fabulous (I recommend The Boys Upstairs which is a sandwich featuring Italian sausage with roasted onions, melted mozzarella and tomato sauce) cafe in South East Portland that I had the honor of collaborating once again with Emily Steen from Built Studios on for their website. They already had a basic site, but it was slow and hard to update (since it relied on a lot of flash).

Emily designed a few enhancements to the sites usability and I rebuilt the site from scratch to use WordPress to allow them to make all the changes to update the site easily and often. I provided all the coding outside of the site header and trained Becky, one of the Cafe owners, on how to use WordPress.


This site was a lot of fun.  I worked with Emily Steen, the Principal of Built Studios, to build a site that allows them to easily update the site with all the work they do and

This site features a custom built WordPress theme that makes use of the Jquery UI for both the side navigation and the image switcher on client pages.  Check out this page to see the image switcher in action.

Since launching the site, we have added the news feed to the front page to make it easier for them to show off the newest things worked on.