Thirty Five

This is my fifth tetrahedral number birthday and me second consecutive semi-prime birthday. As a multiple of five, it’s also a “round number”.

Thirty Four was a year that I continued my growth as an artist. I regularly painted, sketched, and played with colors and shapes. I’ve started experimenting with block printing, and set up to be the home of my art. I have art hanging in my friend’s homes. As a thirty five year old, it would be cool to have someone I don’t know own my art. Seems like a good goal.

From a professional perspective, Thirty Four was mostly a stable year. I spent time launching a new brand and relaunching another. My contributions to WordPress continued, but at a much slower pace. I helped organize the flagship WordPress conference and a new event focused on the intersection of WordPress and Publishing.  The next one is accepting speaker submissions for the next few days. Most importantly, I’ve set Thirty Five up to be an incredible year on the professional front.

One of my biggest personal accomplishments was being elected to the board for a non-profit I’ve volunteered with since I graduated college. Additionally, I got to see a childhood best friend get married at an amazing camping wedding, become an uncle for the first time (I can’t express how happy I am for my brother and sister-in-law) and had my first Christmas Morning celebration with two amazing kids and some of my best friends.

I’m excited for Thirty Five on so many fronts. I’m excited to see more amazing art as I work on my 2018 goal of seeing everything at The Met, while continuing to enjoy MoMA and making it to some of the other museums in town as well. I’m excited for the art that I’m going to make. And I’m excited for everything I have lined up from a professional perspective. Cheers to 35 years with me. I’m going nowhere but up!

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Thirty Four

Today I’m still three years away from another prime birthday, but this is my ninth semiprime birthday and my ninth Fibonacci birthday.  That last Fibonacci birthday was a bit of a bigger deal though.

I didn’t publish my post about thirty-three. I spent the day fairly exhausted after having my brother visit, and for a while when I get exhausted I tend to get fairly down emotionally. I need to get better with sleeping. Maybe I’ll try that as a thirty-four-year-old.

As a thirty-three year old, I really threw myself into making art. I painted, I drew, I burned wood.  I often struggle to love anything I create, but every once in a while I do. Lately, I’ve mostly been doing watercolor sketching in bars, painting with a brush attached to a Dremel, and burning small pieces of wood. It’s fun to experiment with things that are so different than how I spend my days. It’s important to step away from the computer. I’m glad I found an outlet for me to do that in 2016.

Professionally, thirty-three was the year I was honored with the opportunity to be the deputy lead of a WordPress release. Helping do that will forever be an important accomplishment and one of my most important contributions to WordPress.  I also switched jobs (again), moving back into media and publishing. I’ve also added to new events to my volunteer schedule, taking a (broader) role in WordCamp US and being a part of the inaugural team around WordCamp for Publishers. The role I have as a part of the Model UN I help organize has evolved yet again and I’ve switched into a senior staff role that is less focused on the day to day running of a department and is now completely focused on photography, technology, and helping where it is needed during the actual event.

Thirty-three had challenges. Every year does. These challenges won’t magically go away with me turning a year older. Today is really just another day, it just happens to be the anniversiry of the day I was born.  So I guess I’ll drink to that. 🍻🥂

Twenty Nine

I blogged turning twenty eight last year, so I figured I should continue the trend and blog this, my twenty ninth birthday.

Twenty eight was a good year.  I achieved some of the goals I had set out for myself, but not all.  I do feel as though it was a year of great professional and personal growth. A year later and i am much more confident in what I want, both personally and professionally and feel like I am on track to achieve my long term goals.

For twenty eight I set seven goals for myself:

  • Ship more code – which I beat my success metric tremendously.  Overhauling many parts of main projects release process certainly helped.
  • Visit a foreign country – I failed at this one and I don’t have a good reason for it.
  • Finish watching Battlestar Galactica – I continued with the second season but soon lost interest
  • Read more books – I aimed for 10 and did 12. A lot of the credit for this goes to me getting hooked on the hunger games trilogy and finishing all three in about two weeks.

Of my secret goals, I achieved one and de-prioritized the other two in favor of some other project.

For twenty nine I am setting an couple goals again.

  • Post 500 pictures online. I have 63 items on flickr right now. One year from now I want that to be 563 (or more!)
  • Read 13 books. Since I read 12 last year, I want to aim for one more
  • Better blog my workflows. I want to post at least 7 posts on the tools and procedures I use to get things done

Secret goals are ftl, ldc and wcdc.

Twenty Nine is the final year of my twenties. I want to go out strong. The twenties have been absolutely better then the teens. I want to end them on a high note.

My Wish List if you are so inclined