BRAD: Better Responsibility Around Discoverability

Every week, there is a check to see if the site is still hidden from search engines, and if it is the notice comes back If you change the siteurl or home options, then the notice comes back (note, you need to change these via the UI or via wp-cli, directly changing the DB) [the_ad […]

WordPress Serves Many Masters

Freelancing Days Comedians Small non-profits. Small Businesses and Restaurants An SEO consultant on products that he offered (my first foray into product development rather than developing primarily for marketing)  The Enterprise WordPress supplemented the technology, rather than being its base. Big Media Let's Try Something Different Where I am now What WordPress Excels At

Random Thoughts on Gutenberg

I’ve seen talk that Gutenberg is in “Open Beta” now, but I think calling this beta software is still premature. I think there is plenty that will change between now and any possible inclusion in WordPress core for Gutenberg. Here are my random thoughts and my first reactions to using Gutenberg. It’s pretty.  And Fast. […]