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WordCamp Europe 2015 pictures

WordCamp Europe 2015 was an exceptionally well run conference[1].  The content of the talks was so good that I mostly kept my camera in my bag, but managed to capture a couple of pictures during the event.

Rian Rietveld gave an exception talk about Accessability. I like her Waapunk themed title slideA standing room only crowd attended Rian Rietveld's talk about Accessibility. Makes me excited for the future of the web.During Matt's Q&A, Beau was captivated by one of the answersOne of the best people in the WordPress community.

All photos are licensed CC BY-SA-NC 2.0. If you are the subject of a photo and want a difference license, just let me know.

1) Siobham McKeown, the lead organizer is accepting booking to organizer events. If you want a professional organizer, get in touch with her.