Random Thoughts On…Product Engineering

For the past 5.5 years, I've been a part of the product engineering leadership at a couple of organizations. While I'm not sure if these ideas translate to client services, I know that they have all been valuable to me as I work long term building products and brands. It's important to periodically reevaluate your […]

Random Thoughts on Gutenberg

I’ve seen talk that Gutenberg is in “Open Beta” now, but I think calling this beta software is still premature. I think there is plenty that will change between now and any possible inclusion in WordPress core for Gutenberg. Here are my random thoughts and my first reactions to using Gutenberg. It’s pretty.  And Fast. […]

Random thoughts on one month of daily publishing

On December 9th I published Random Thoughts on Selecting Speakers for conferences. I didn’t realize it then, but I was on my way to a streak of daily publishing. Here are some random thoughts and stats about the experience: Always Press Publish, which I thought was going to be a throwaway New Years Eve post ended […]

Random Thoughts on Selecting Speakers for conferences

I just finished attending my final conference for 2016 where I once again helped with the speaker schedule without having an input on selecting speakers.  Having been on both sides of the speaker selection coin, here are some random thoughts I have on it (including some half-baked ideas). Prompt notification of speakers is incredibly important.  It […]

Some More Random Thoughts on Default Themes

https://daily.jorb.in/2015/08/27/some-random-thoughts-on-default-themes/ Last year, on default theme announcement day, I shared some thoughts on default themes. As a CertifiedWordPressThoughtLeader™, It’s time to update those thoughts: TwentySeventeen looks amazing.  Really excited to see something completely new.  I think it will eventually look better with a bowtie on it. I still wish there was an open call for […]

Random Thoughts on… Teaching yourself to code

Self-education is something that separates good developers from great developers.  Great devs are always searching for new ways to do things, always trying to learn. You need to rely on YOU for your education.  However, teaching yourself isn’t always something that comes natural. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about learning that might […]