First Thoughts: Distraction Free Writing in WordPress 3.2

This is my first attempt at testing distraction free writing, a feature that is currently targeted for WordPress 3.2.  It’s still in a very early form, but I’m excited to see where it goes. Here is what it looks like: At first glance, I think it is one-thousand times better than the current full screen […]

DC Web Content Mavens January 2011

The other night, the DC Web Content Mavens(isn’t that a great name?) presented on “Drupal and WordPress as CMS”. I was invited to co-present with Andrew Nacin and Joel Sackett. It was great to get the chance to talk about the GPL, and how both products leverage it and use it to improve and endow […]

Documentation! My WordCamp NYC 2010 presentation

The slides from my lightning speech about the state of WordPress documentation today and where it is going are available as well as my Don’t be a Wanker, Write your Documentation speech. If you happen to catch a mistake (such as spelling), please comment below. A few resource to help you on your documentation journey: […]

WordPress Shortcodes for Users and Non Users

One of the plugins I wrote for the DC WordPress group’s meeting on Users / Roles / Capabilities demonstrates how to create shortcode that makes some content only visable by users with a certain capability and other content only visable to non logged in viewers.  You can download Shortcodes for Discrimination (along with the other […]